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"I am positive that in conjunction with the regular monitoring I received from the hospital, the massages helped in reducing the likelihood of having pre-eclampsia again, as they reduced my stress levels considerably."

"Its the most relaxing massage to have, especially when you're pregnant!"



Massage in Pregnancy

Pregnancy Massage is specifically designed so that you can have a massage at any stage of your pregnancy. It is given in a side-laying position with support for your legs, hips, head and abdomen. It has the benefit of allowing you to completely relax with the support of foam bolsters and pillows.

See my page onthe benefots of massage if you are wondering what massage in pregnanct could help with. Including spd, carpal tunnel syndrome, swollen legs/ankles, back ache etc.

40 minute back, neck and shoulder massage
1 hour body massage
1 hour 20 minutes body massage plus head, hands, feet and tummy (all optional)

Postnatal Massage is a massage designed to help relax tired and sore muscles, especially those in the neck and shoulders

Feeling tired? a massage is really revilalising after a tough night up with baby. There are assessment techniques that help your tummy muscles realign and can be helpful if your stomach muscles have separated.

Abdomen Massage
Neck massage



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