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You undoubtedly helped me have a trouble free preg - nancy and I hope that you continue to do the same for other women. Thank you and I will be back soon for a post natal massage ... once I can find a babysitter!" - Carol.



Pregnancy massage - the benefits

Massage in general is known to boost the circulation, immune system, deepen breathing, reduce stress and increase relaxation. These are especially important to gain when you are carrying a baby.

Prenatal benefits to having massage:-

  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress relief and time out
  • A break from sitting at your desk at work
  • Decreases back pain or aches
  • Decreases hip ache, pain, numbness and swelling
  • Decreases Sciatic pain
  • Decreases carpal tunnel syndrome (pain and/or tingling in arms, hands or wrists)
  • Reduces swelling/fluid retention of the feet/hands/legs

Postnatal benefits to having massage:- You can bring your baby with you while having the treatment, I happily work around you and baby. As you are laying on your side during the massage if you baby wakes it is easy to breast feed if necessary.

  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress relief and time out
  • Achy/painful shoulders or neck possibly caused by feeding and carrying baby.
  • Help body return to normal form by boosting circulation, elimination of toxins and inducing endorphins.
  • Help uterus to return to its original size
  • Balance hormones
  • relaxation through massage decreases stress hormones and may increase breastmilk supply
  • Release fluid retention from hands, arms, feet and legs
  • Help recover from carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Reduces cellulite



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