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Local Links

The links below are to people whom I respect and feel that their business is appropriate or simular to my own, therefore can benefit anyone looking at my website for information or support.
They are self emplyed and repsonsible for their own actions, I do not take responsibility for their business or their qualifications.

An online resource for holistic support and tips for Fertility, Pregnancy niggles, Birth preparation, Postnatal Support and Babies classes.

Doula UK is a network of doulas run voluntarily by doulas. Our aims are to promote the role of doulas, to improve communication between doulas, and to advance our understanding of birth and the postnatal period. Our network has a Philosophy, sets standards and has a Code of Practice which all members adhere to.

Natures Mothers breastfeeding and tongue tie.
Nature’s Mothers has been formed to take on the role of educating pregnant women, new mothers and health care students in all issues surrounding Breastfeeding, in the Berkshire area. Sarah is based in Eton, nr Windsor, Berkshire. We also offer breast pump hire along with any specialist equipment you and your baby may need, and stock a variety of Breastfeeding promotional products. I also offer tongue tie information and separating tongue ties. I am a lactation consultant and member of ABM,

Emma Lelliott Mad Academy
Emma runs MAD Academy classes in Maidenhead, Wargrave, twyford and surrounding areas. MAD Academy classes for preschool children are bursting with energy and fun!  Each week we combine lively music and dance, with carefully structured learning designed for the specific age and developmental stage of your child.  Emma Lelliott has been singing and playing in orchestras since she was at school (some 25 years ago!). She currently sings with a local barbershop chorus and quartet with whom she competes nationally. www.madacademy.com

Jennie Phenix Yoga
Pregnancy yoga classes and Mummy and baby Yoga classes in Burnham and Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Gillian Bowers Cranio Sacral Therapist
Marlow and Mobile Therapist. Works a lot with babies with colic, poor suck reflex, flat head syndrome, glue ear etc. She is exceptional with babies and toddlers and comes highly recommended.

Dora Akingbade runs Forever Living in maidenhead. Forever Living have products that dont contain chemicals such as foaming bath stuff with lauel sulphate in it. Therefore its great for delicate newborn and childrens skin, sensitive skin and general natural parenting styles! Some products we can personally recommend from use are: teething gel, tooth paste, liquid soap, suncream.

Liz Smale runs Hartbeeps in berkshire. maidenhead baby yoga and sensory sessions for babies and toddlers.

Claire Street runs Child Matters. an excellent peadicatic nurse with loads of useful tips from her experience as well as offering classes for families which include first aid for babies and children. Subject covered include dealing confidently with burns (maybe from a cup of tea?) and choking (maybe when weaning your baby?) and more serious things like recognising meningitus. The family courses are short and sweet with only the necessary info and is catered to support you as a family, meaning it fits around you and you needn't get childcare if if it's done in your home. Great idea for postnatal groups to do together (including dads)

Suzie walker is a nurtitionist and also teaching baby weaning workshops. You can be fully informed to make the choices right for you. She can also help with fertilty and pregnancy diet advice and nutrition. Especially helpful if you're diagnosed with gestational diebetes etc. www.wondersoffood.co.uk

Jo Piercey is a qualified Osteopath and Birth Doula. She has 20 years experience as an osteopath and works extensively with pregancy aches, pains and pelvic misalignment.

Julie Greatwood is a antenatal class teacher for Marlow and High Wycombe. She runs Birth Matters, a private course for first time parents and those wanting refresher classes. She is a wonderful person with a vibrant smile and is full of positive birth information to support you through the end of your pregnancy and the birth day of your child. www.birthmatters-Bucks.co.uk

Jodi O'connor teaches aqua natal, baby swimming classes and toddler swimming in Berkshire, from Farnham, Bagshot, Maidenhead, Windsor and other areas. She is a superb teacher and obviously loves her job to stay in the water for up to 8 hours a day! The props are ideal, things like mirrors for babies, floats and games for toddlers to build their confidence and swimming skills. We've done her classes with my toddler and I wouldn't go anywhere else. www.turtletots.co.uk


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