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'Louise supported my husband and considered his needs throughout labour as well as mine.'

'It was reassuring to have you with Louise for so long after the birth, thank you.'



Birth Doula - Louise Prince - Testimonials

Two Son's, two different birth experiences
I first met Louise when I went to see her for reflexology. We talked, and it was clear very quickly that we were in tune with each other and would become friends. Louise has a warm and friendly nature and is passionate about giving women the knowledge and confidence to feel empowered during pregnancy and birth.
When I became pregnant, I was very anxious about the impending birth and realised that my husband and I would like some emotional support as we had recently experienced two miscarriages. 
We interviewed a lady who was a very experienced doula, however, she was very keen to push me to have a home birth and gave us a very negative view of giving birth in hospital. This added to my anxiety and she didn't listen to what I wanted, therefore we knew she was not the doula for us.
I then remembered that Louise was a doula and asked if she would come round to meet my husband and talk to us about what a doula could do for us.
My husband warmed to Louise instantly, her knowledge of pregnancy and labour is extensive and her experience in reflexology and massage were an added bonus, we knew she was the doula for us. She listened to what we wanted and help prepare our birth plan helping with medical terminology.
I went into hospital at 39 weeks to be induced and my labour progresses fairly quickly. Louise came to the hospital and immediately saw that I was having strong back pain so she helped ease with massage. When I reached established labour we went to the delivery suite, Louise suggested a bath which bought on the labour and my waters broke naturally. She also suggested walking up and down stairs to help bring the baby down.
During the last stage of labour I was tiring and Louise and my husband kept talking to me to keep me going. Louise's encouragement and confidence in me to birth my son was incredible and made me believe I could do it too. The midwife wanted to intervene with an epidural but Louise negotiated some more time and eventually I did it, with gas and air. 
Without Louise I know my birth would have been very different. My husband was so emotionally involved that he found it hard to know what to suggest or how to discuss options with the midwife. With Louise there we didn't have to think about any of it, just confident that she knew our wishes and could make decisions in the moment that we would have found difficult to make.
She held my hand, gave my sips of water with a straw, helped me focus through each contraction, and was there for me and my husband 100%.
Once my son was in my arms Louise helped me with breast feeding and came to visit us at home a few days later. 
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend louise and when I was pregnant with my second child the only choice for us was Louise.

My second child
When I became pregnant with my second child I knew I wanted Louise there at the birth. Some people may think you wouldn't need a doula the second time round, but once u have experienced a great doula like Louise you know that they will ensure you have the birth you want.
I went into hospital at 39 weeks to be induced and thought I would be home the next day as my first labour was so straight forward, how wrong I was!
The induction process was long and frustrating, four days in total of being in hospital over new years eve and disappointment of labour beginning then stopping.
Louise was there every step to encourage, advise and support us both when we felt like giving up. She could help us understand the induction process and answer any questions we had.
Eventually after trying everything, I was put on a drip to bring on labour. The labour was quick and our midwife was insisting I lay on the bed so she could get a good trace of the baby heartbeat. However, I was experiencing bad back pain and laying on the bed was impossible. With Louise there I felt empowered to request that the midwife find a alternative solution and Louise suggested an alternative which allowed me to stand next to the bed which was much better and allowed me to focus on labouring my child.
Louise massaged my back pain away and helped relieved it so that I could focus properly.
As Louise helped to write my birth plan she knew what I wanted and therefore knew what to suggest at the right time without having to ask me. 
When it came to the last stage of labour, Louise's voice was the only one I could hear. She talked to me calmly and firmly and encouraged me to birth my son naturally with gas and air.
As Louise has experienced labour she instinctively knew how I was feeling and when I needed encouragement and when I needed to be within myself, something your partner tries hard to understand but unfortunately is unable.
I am blessed with two healthy boys and are fortunate to have experienced two amazing births, both very different but with one thing bonding them together - Louise the amazing doula who can help anyone enjoy birth and labour. It's the most empowering feeling and one i wont forget.

Heatherwood Birth Centre
After doing some research online, I soon learnt that many expectant parents benefited from a far more positive birth experience when they hired a Doula. I wasn't sure if this was for me, as I am quite a reserved person, and didn’t know how helpful a Doula would be to us; however I could find no flip side to using one.
I found Louise on the Doula UK website, and discovered further in-depth information on her own website. I became very interested in hiring Louise when I discovered how qualified and experienced she is in this field, especially appealing was the fact that Louise could help with the early labour by using reflexology and massage.  After making contact, we arranged to meet up, we clicked, and happily she was able to be our birth Doula for my dates.
Over the following months Louise visited us at various times, building up a relationship and trust, she taught us various techniques for an easier labour, and learnt about our past birth experience and wishes for the next birth. Nearer the due date Louise offered us a lot of support, and made it clear that we could contact her at any time no matter how early the stages of labour.
During the birth we found Louise’s support invaluable. She has a very kind and calming manner, and guided me with my breathing, making me as comfortable as possible, and suggesting better positions.(It also enabled my husband to feel less pressured, and he was able to take a break for lunch etc..) All of which undoubtedly attributed to me having a wonderful natural birth experience - everything I could have wished for (and a far cry from the intervention and drugs of the first birth) It was a very empowering experience!
After the birth she looked after us, making us some tea and toast, and settled us in to our room at the hospital before leaving us to enjoy our little girl.
After the birth Louise visited us, and we enjoyed going over the events, and Louise presented us with a very professional write up of the labour, which is a fantastic keepsake for us and our daughter. She has also since given us lots of information and support regarding breast feeding.
So I would naturally recommend Louise, without hesitation, as a birth Doula!

Wexham Birth Centre
Dear Louise, your support as a doula enabled my partner to focus on me during labour and not have the pressure of making decisions and communicating (with midwife/ other medical staff) on my behalf. He particularly appreciated the backup and security of having an experienced birthing partner who understood the labour process and instinctively knew how I would need support along the way.
I personally found that you were totally focussed on making the birth as positive an experience as possible, and also gave me reassurance that you would enable me to be in control. This was particularly valuable for me as I had had a difficult labour with my first child and you encouraged me to let go of those memories for the new labour. You prepared by ensuring you were clear on every aspect of the labour and how I wanted to be treated, so that I could relax and focus on the birth knowing that I had a ‘voice’ acting on my behalf during the labour itself.
I particularly appreciated your support during interactions with medical staff, both before (via texts) and after (face to face) arrival at hospital. Before going to hospital, you could advise me on things such as when to start using the TENS machine and you were able to judge the right time to go in based on our communication. As the labour progressed you instinctively knew when to step in and help me, for example changing my breathing pattern and distractions.
The result was an amazing positive birthing experience, partly down to my own preparation in breathing techniques, but also we owe a lot to you for keeping us both as relaxed as possible by taking much of the pressure off us – you were the calm voice of reason and reassurance in the storm!



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