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You provided invauable support - we will be forever grateful, I'm so glad we contacted you for support.

Her delivery of the suggestions and timing was excellent and very appropriate.



Birth Doula - what I offer

Note - I will be taking maternity leave from May 2013 so can taken bookings for babies due Jan, feb, march and april 2013 :0) I'll be back from November 2013

Doula uk provides a list of questions to ask your doula if youd like to download them from their website, its free to do so.

Free initial consultation. Call me on 07711 938856 to book me to come to see you.

Mind Body and Sole Birth Doula services
• Antenatal sessions
• Assistance in formulating a birth preference plan
• On-call 24-hours from week 38 to 42 (flexible if you have early labours)
• Unlimited e-mail and telephone support
• Continuous emotional and physical support during labour and birth
• Borrow my tools to save you hiring them! Tens machine, birth ball, homeopathic kit, birth pool.
• 10% off any pregnancy massage or reflexology treatment pre or postnatal at my practise.
•A session on baby massage and winding postnatal.
• One postnatal session (more can be arranged)

I charge £800 for this full package which can be paid in installments.

Before Birth
We have the opportunity to meet up a few times, normally twice allows us to get to know one another.
During these sessions (normally around 2 hours) I'd like to get to know your birth plans and can help put this together with you, offering information on everything from how to use equipment like the birth ball efficiently through to pain relief, try out some breathing and positions for each stage of your labour.

From around 38 weeks gestation I'll be available to you 24/7. If anything unexpected happens or changes have to be made to your birth plan due to a situation or occurrance in your pregnancy, I ask that you let me know asap. I can offer information and a guiding friendly word on the telephone, especially if you are worried or concerned at all.

Benefits of having me!
As your Birth Doula I can also offer you prenatal massages from the first trimester through to the last and maternity reflexology to support you through pregnancy, prepare your body for labour and if necessary, support a spontanious labour before a medical induction is needed.

In Labour
Once I have joined you in labour I stay with you throughout your labour offering support to you and your partner when needed.

After Birth
I will visit you at home to ensure you are comfortable and offer helpful advice if needed. I am happy to bring a meal with me, hoover your house, wash up, debrief the birth, support breastfeeding, whatever you need, just ask. I've been through it with my baby who was born naturally in a breech position so there wont be much you can tell me about how you're feeling or which bits hurt that will surprise me!



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