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Birth Doula - About Me - Louise Prince

Updated:- Jan 2014

I'm a member of Doula UK, which is a network of doula's run by doula's, and I abide by their Philosophy and Code of Conduct. I have gone through their assessment procedure and have attained their 'recognized' doula status.

Birth experiences: I am experienced in supporting 42 families during different birth experienced including: C-section, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (vbac), home birth, and hospital births.

I have attended births at the following hospitals and birth centres:
High Wycombe, Stoke Mandeville, Wexham Labour Ward and Isis Birth Centre, Heatherwood birth Centre, Wallingford birth centre, John Radcliff. Wallingford birth centre.

I am insured with I have a valid CRB check and am qualified in paediatric first aid.


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