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I found Louise very encouraging and supportive. My wish was to use no drugs for pain relief and Louise helped me with this and was very positive

Her delivery of the suggestions and timing was excellent and very appropriate.


Birth Doula - Welcome

A warm welcome!

I’m Louise Prince, I’m married to a wonderful, supportive man whom allows me to disappear for hours/days at a time to support women through their births because he knows what a deep passion I have to do this. We have two beautiful children whom I'm immensly proud of.

My passion for childbirth began when client I’d been giving reflexology for fertility and throughout her special pregnancy asked me if I would be there to help her through her first birth. Back then I didn’t know what a doula was and there weren’t many around. I googled ‘birth assiatant’ which introduced the idea of a doula to me. I went on a course in surrey entitled ‘Massage Doula’ taught by a DUK Doula and involved some birth physiology with adapting massage to pregnancy and labour. Fascinated and loving every minute of supporting my first four couples throughout their very different birth experiences I wanted to extend my knowledge. Travelling to London I joined a course run by doula UK chairperson, Valerie of Nurturing Birth and subsequently went on to join Doula UK. I developed a set of doula friends in Berkshire and working together we serve women wanting positive hospital and home births locally.

In 2009 I was asked to support the VBAC for my sister in law, I was 32 weeks pregnant with my first child. A special moment to support a nephews birth and my 32nd birth before I had my own child just 5 weeks later!

I returned to Doula-hood, supporting friends and then pregnant clients in 2011.

I have special memories of 42 births to date jan 2014 having worked with many circumstances and I can honestly say that even repeating clients have had different births to their first!
I have attended home births and hospital including; Wexham park Slough, Frimley park surrey, heatherwood ascot, Wallingford birth centre, john Radcliffe oxford, High Wycombe and Stoke Mandeville. I haven’t yet but am happy to attend births at Royal Berks Reading. St Peters Chertsey, Hillingdon and surrounding areas.

Various circumstances have lead couples to using my support. Husbands with motor conditions such as ME and MS, fear of hospital, in the abcence of other birth partners.

I aim to provide continuous support to mums to be in the face of changing shifts in hospital. 
I’ve attended all situations including: VBAC (vaginal birth after csection), induction, homebirth, water birth, planned and emergency C-section, hypnobirths.

I have continued my professional development in workshops and courses in:
Breastfeeding with Pam Lacey 
Birth and Postnatal Doula Course Certificate 2005
Certified Massage Doula 2005
Advanced Birth Workshop 2007
Doula UK Certificate of Recognition 2008
Study Day: the short and long term implications of fetal position and birth on health, development and function 2009
(I had my daughter in 2009)
Valid CRB (updated every three years)
Professional therapist Insurance birth support.
Membership to professional body of Therapists
Other skills:
NNEB nursery nurse 1999
Developmental Baby massage and movement 2003
Certified prenatal massage therapist 2004
Study Day: Round about Fertility 2004
Certificate of competency in Maternity Reflexology 2007
Study Day; Water Birth with Liz Nightongale Jan 31st 2013

I have built quite a repertoire of other tools which I lend to my doula clients which you’re welcome to borrow. Birth ball, tens machine, birth pool, homeopathic kit. I also have various books and DVD’s you are welcome to borrow. As a massage, acupressure therapist and reflexologist I also use these skills as and when needed in pregnancy and labour.  Included in my Doula package is 10% off any pregnancy treatments, afterbirth a basic baby massage session and effective winding techniques to help avoid colic and wind. I also include my NNEB nursery nurse training, 8 years experience when helping new parents with newborn colic and sleep issues should you want it. I have many contacts including breastfeeding support, tongue tie, baby classes etc. just ask :0)

If you like what you’ve read here or wish to interview me (be kind, you know I don’t interview well!!) I’d be happy to give you my time in person, not only for you to decide whether im right for you, but also for me to get to know you :0) Please email or call me on tel 07711 938856.

Doula Uk is the main accreditation and professional body for doulas working in the UK.  It provides recognition status to doulas who have recieved appropriate training and supervision and have who have reached their standards.  All Doula UK members are obliged to comply with and follow, the Doula UK code of conduct and ethics.  Louise Prince is recognised birth doula by Doula UK.

What does ‘Doula’ mean?
‘Doula’ is an ancient Greek word and directly translated mean ‘mother’s slave’ As Doula’s we are "A woman who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support for a woman before, during and immediately after childbirth."

What does a Birth Doula do?
Your Birth Doula will provide information about pregnancy and birth and (depending on how many antenatal visits you have) will help with breathing, relaxation, massage, positional advice and much more.
Your Doula will join you when you are in labour and stay with you throughout your labour with your birth partners, encouraging, suggesting and supporting you both through your labour and birth.
Your Doula will stay with you after the birth until you are settled. 5-10 days after birth she will visit you at home.

Benefits of a Birth Doula for Mum-to-be
Fear of the unknown may affect a woman’s confidence about labour, but with a Doula’s support and practised labour techniques you will feel empowered, self confident and will trust your own ability.

When in labour you may feel you must perform in a certain way in front of your mother-in-law, sister, friend or partner, but you can be completely at ease with your Doula.

Doula’s are trained  when and how to use pain relief techniques like baths and showers, positional changes, heat and cold packs, massage, reflexology, birthing balls, walking and climbing stairs. I hold your hand when you need it, whisper encouragement when you need it and am quiet when needed to be.

Constant emotional support to both you and your birth partner to enable you to have an intimate birthing experience including praise, reassurance and encouragement.

Planned a medical birth or Caesarean?
If you plan to have a medicated birth, you can still employ a Doula. Doulas are available to enable you to have an enjoyable experience with comfort and control throughout.

Studies in America have shown that with a Doula’s support can be decreased significantly…
Caesarean delivery
Forceps delivery
Length of labour

At the end of 2004, we carried out a Doula UK survey of our members. Amongst other things it shows the benefits of having a doula like the reduction of caesarean sections from 22% in the NHS to 10% of births when supported by a doula. Another interesting result was that just 15% of mothers supported by a doula had an epidural (compared to a 33% national average).



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